Hate Speech? Why Christians Should be for FREE Speech

Hate speech V. Free speech. Are they opposites? Where should Christians stand in the debate

should Christian buy into this


Why Christians Should Stand for Free Speech


To be clear, the Bible forbids hate speech….thou shal; not lie…..thou shall not bear false itness…thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself….


But there is a clear danger in investing fellow humans with determining when the line has been crossed.


It’s an Evangelical religion, requiring that we confront darkness with truth; speaking truth to power


It’s an exclusive religion; requiring that e declare the Lordship of Christ to the exclusion of all else


It’s a slippery slope….were the policemen of hate speech stop? Is it not within reason that acceptable speech would be only speech that meets the ‘policing authority’s ‘ criteria


Is it out of reasonable contemplation that, with the resolute march of secularization, the time will come when it would be deemed offensive to preach John _____


John ____ says no one comes to the Father except by me


Instead of being concernd with banning hate speech, Christians should raise the volume of the Good News.


Chritians need not fear Fake News or Hate Speech. The darkness will never conquer the light but as serpent-wise people who are in the world, they should see (1) that banning speech has no Biblical s=basis; and (2) supporting the banning of speech is only layiong the foundation for the banning of the free propagation of religion and faith when the hate speech police eventually decides that biblical teachings are offensive to some.